Beacon AI is building the future of flight safety for commercial and private fleets

Data first, AI focused

Our AI Assistant works alongside pilots as a: Safety Net, Coach, and Superhuman

This will result in safer and more efficient flights.

About us

Beacon AI is an aviation technology company, not just a technology company. Our team has many very experienced fighter pilots, airline-rated and operating pilots, and a team with many years of experience building self-driving car software.

Who we are

A blended team of experts across aviation, AI and software engineering

Our Vision

Improve flight safety and efficiency.

Who we help

Airlines, Public & Government Fleets, Air Charter Operators, Corporate Flight Departments, OEMs, System Integrators, and more.

How we do it?

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Assistant and platform to aid in flight safety and operational efficiency

Pilot Assistance & Augmentation
Flight debrief & playback
Live flight support
Fleet Monitoring
Route Optimizations
3rd Party Integration

A team built to solve this problem.

Our Founders come from a diverse set of backgrounds including Autonomous Driving, and Military Aviation. We’re building a world-class team to solve some of the most challenging problems at the intersection of technology and aviation.

Matt Cox CEO
Hon. Robert Sumwalt Fmr. Chairman of
the NTSB
Ali Bahrami Former FAA Associate Administrator for Safety
Wyatt Smith Fmr. Head of BD,
Uber Elevate

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If you want to use cutting edge technology to improve flight safety, join our team. We’re recruiting a wide variety of skillsets

Open Jobs

Leading AI and tech investors

Venture funds including

Sam Altman CEO of Open AI and ex-President, Y Combinator
Lachy Groom ex-Stripe
JetBlue Technology Ventures
Countdown Capital Jai Malik
Mischief Zach Perret, CEO Plaid Lauren Farleigh
Many other amazing funds and angels
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