Beacon AI Completes OTA Agreement with USSOCOM to Improve Pilot Safety and Advance Human Machine-Teaming

Apr 4, 2024

MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, FL – Beacon AI, an artificial intelligence aviation technology company, completed a Phase 2 prototype Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) from U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to advance human-machine teaming by developing and deploying technology that will also help protect aircrew and improve performance in the flight deck.

Beacon AI specializes in building aviation artificial intelligence and built an AI copilot that augments existing aircrew capabilities, assisting them in flying safer and more efficient missions. Most recently, they have developed additional capabilities for the assistant to monitor cockpit air quality, pilot biometrics, and attention tracking. These features can provide life-saving alerts for aircrew and remote monitoring applications. Additionally, the research advances human-machine teaming by considering dynamic sensor inputs to assess when and how information is provided to the aircrew.

The research conducted under this agreement informs future enhancements and developments in human-machine teaming and safety across the DoD. The cutting-edge technology of Beacon AI assists in mitigating common pilot hazards such as hypoxia and fatigue. With substantially longer DOD missions, the physiological risks increase to pilots of crewed, reduced crewed, and single-pilot operations. The platform of capabilities built by Beacon AI helps reduce these risks and addresses the unique aspects that USSOCOM operations contain.

Matt Cox, Beacon AI’s CEO and Founder, shared, “We are thrilled to partner with USSOCOM. I had the opportunity to work with and fly with the DOD and recognize that they have additional challenges in their operational environment. Many of those challenges are also present in commercial aviation, where fatigue remains a major risk factor. The capabilities we are adding and enhancing will help pilots address hazards, including airborne hazards and fatigue, while advancing the state of the art for human-machine teaming.”

By working directly with Beacon AI, USSOCOM leveraged the company's technical expertise and innovative solutions to enhance operations, create battlefield advantages, directly address the unique challenges faced by special operations pilots, and provide these solutions to the commercial aviation market as well.

About Beacon AI

Beacon AI is a California-based aviation software technology company specializing in developing advanced AI systems to augment commercial and defense pilots. The company's mission is to advance the future of flight and make flight operations safer and more efficient for everyone. Beacon AI is dedicated to delivering AI solutions that address the complex challenges of the aviation sector.

Beacon AI is backed by Sam Altman and JetBlue Ventures, among other leading investors, and advised by Hon. Robert Sumwalt (former Chairman of the NTSB) and Ali Bahrami (former Associate Administrator of the FAA).

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